Takeda Closes Deerfield HQ, Statement from Sen. Julie Morrison

September 11, 2018
takeda hq

It was announced Tuesday that pharmaceutical company Takeda will be closing it’s U.S. headquarters in Deerfield, which employs 1,000 of its 5,000 U.S. employees.The company plans to move the work to Boston. State Senator Julie Morrison and resident of Deerfield released the following statement:


Takeda has had such a tremendous impact on this community. Not only has the company reached milestones within the pharmaceutical industry, it consistently exemplifies the qualities of an outstanding workplace.


It’s disappointing to see the company close its doors. The governor has not been able to uphold his responsibilities of creating a fiscally-reliable marketplace in this state. We need better leadership on this front so that jobs are secure.


Senator Morrison is currently serving her second term as state senator and is running for re-election.


Photo via www.hines.com